Welding & Machining


Our welders use sophisticated metal working technology and finely tuned equipment to build long-term value into our customers’ products.

Weldco Heavy Industries (WHI) employs supervisors who are qualified under the CSA W47.1, CSA W47.2 and W186 standards.  This oversight supports WHI’s CWB Certification; a recognized industry standard ensuring the company’s welding procedures cover all joints, processes, and positions used in fabrication/erection are current and approved by the CWB, and that weld quality and workmanship are up to the levels specified by the design or product standard.


Weldco Heavy Industries provides a wide range of high-quality machining services, including the following:

  • Portable line boring
  • Flange facing
  • Bushing installation
  • Bushing rebuilds
  • Idlers