Weldco is committed to quality in all products and services. Our Structural Performance Test Stand is used to prove the design and engineering necessary to meet rigid industry standards. Our manufactured products can be tested to ISO, SAE, OSHA, CSA, ANSI, WCB, BSI, CEN, and various other specific standards.

Performance Test Stand Specifications

  • 300,000 lbs (136,000 kg) horizontal and vertical capability
  • Computerized instrumentation for data acquisition of applied loads and deflection
  • Proof testing of mechanical apparatus such as lifting devices, load chains, roll-over protective structures, cables, etc.

Weldco Heavy Industries is aligned with recognized third party analysis firms that use Dye Penetrant Inspection to locate surface-breaking defects and Magnetic Particle Inspection to identify the presence of a surface or near surface flaws in ferrous materials.