Sand Blasting & Painting

Sand Blasting

The majority of the equipment brought into the facility requires cleaning. Weldco Heavy Industries can coordinate steam cleaning or sand blasting on-site. This is an effective and efficient process for exposing any cracks that need repairs. In addition, paint adheres best after surfaces are sandblasted, enhancing the life of the equipment.


Weldco Heavy Industries’ high-capacity industrial spray booth is the largest of its kind in the Fort McMurray region. The 4800 sq. ft. self-contained, drive through paint booth effectively handles the large equipment associated with the Oil Sands in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

Equipment weighing up to 120,000 lbs is brought into the paint booth on a dedicated trailer that is pulled by a modified articulating truck. Pre- and post-heat is computer-controlled, which allows precise temperatures ranging from 40°F and 150°F to be set. Although most jobs call for enamel paint, special coatings can also be applied upon customer request. The final result is an appealing professionally finished product.

Paint Booth Specifications

Air flow:
Floor space:
Inside dimensions:
Door opening:
Pre and post heat:
Coating medium:
Equipment handling:
Weight capacity:
Crossflow with dry intake and exhaust filters
115,000 CFM at 110-115 fpm
3220 ft²
70’ depth x 46’ wide x 25’ high
40’ wide x 24’ high
40°F (5°C) to 150°F (65°C)
Enamel, special coatings on request
Custom lo-boy trailer and Volvo A30 tractor
120,000 lbs